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MyDigiRep (My Digital Sales Representative) allows you to create personalized customer order forms that you can send to your clients automatically as an email. MyDigiRep synchronizes with your Quickbooks or MYOB database.

When your customer (or group of customers) receives the MyDigiRep e-mail, they will see the personalized range of products they may be interested in purchasing and any special buy price. Your customer can enter a quantity against lines they wish to order.

Once the customer has completed their order they simply hit a button on the order form to confirm the order. MyDigiRep will automatically open the order and feed the completed order back into your Quickbooks or MYOB database as a sales order or invoice. All you have to do is dispatch the goods. What could be easier?

No need to contact the customer or enter the order manually. Your customers will appreciate the simple order form with only the range of products that they buy from you.

MyDigiRep allows you to schedule the sending of orders so that you don’t have to be present to arrange the bulk sending of the order forms. Send order forms out daily, weekly or whatever day and time you choose. Each order form will be sent automatically based on your preference.

MyDigiRep is the sales rep you have always wanted. Never takes time off and always contacts your clients when you want. MyDigiRep does not need any special hardware or software to work. The sales orders are sent and received using standard email technology. This means the whole process is easy for you to setup, send and receive orders and easy for your customers to complete the order form.

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Example Order Form

Curious to see how it looks and how it works?
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MyDigiRep Integrations

MyDigiRep currently integrates with many accounting programs. We will be adding integration with more soon. 

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Payment Gateway

MyDigiRep integrates payment gateways, so your cash customers can enter credit card details to finalize orders.

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Better than Online Stores

The customer only sees the products they are interested in and not the irrelavent ones. 

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Get Started Immediately

If you have an e-mail, an accounting package and MyDigiRep, you have everything you need to get started. 

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Reduce Your Company Risk

MyDigiRep will automatically send personalized order forms to you customers.

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Empower Your Sales Force

MyDigiRep was designed to increase your sales with minimal impact on your business.

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Shrink Overheads

MyDigiRep will reduce the need for frequent customer visits or phone contact by your sales and admin staff. 

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Sell More Work Less

Its time your business took advantage of the 21st century communication methods now the accepted norm. 

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Free Marketing for Customers

MyDigiRep can send attachments with email order forms to customers with information about company or products.

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How much does it Cost?

MyDigiRep is free to download and trial. When the trial ends you can buy credits to continue using the system. 

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Customers Prefer MyDigiRep

Your customers are just as busy as you. If they can save time placing an order with your company they would appreciate it.

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No Expensive Stuff

All you need is an e-mail, accounting package and MyDigiRep and you are ready to increase sales and efficiency.

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