Sell More Work Less

About Us

MyDigiOffice is the developer of MyDigiRep and was formed to assist small businesses maximize their potential via inexpensive yet innovative software means. 

The company aims to reduce the technology resource gap between large corporates and smaller business by delivering business tools that can be utilized easily and cheaply thus reducing risk to small operators. 

The focus of this organization is to continually develop and enhance its product range to develop a complete suite of products for small business. 

A MyDigiOffice’s key fundamental is “low entry cost and low running cost” for all software developed. 

The team at MyDigiOffice has been handpicked based on business and software development experience. Most of the team has worked with some of the world’s leading software companies giving MyDigiOffice a wide range of skill sets with best of breed experience. 

As time passes, MyDigiOffice  will develop more tools that can be used with a greater number of existing software platforms. MyDigiRep is our current offering. This program currently integrates with Quickbooks and MYOB but plans are underway to have it work with other systems.

In the medium term we have a number of additional programs on the drawing board to further enhance our customer’s business capabilities.