Sell More Work Less

Empower Your Sales Force

MyDigiRep was designed to increase your sales with minimal impact on your business. Its main use is to send e-mails containing personalized order forms to your customers to complete and automatically return.

However, there is no reason you couldn’t send the personalised order form to your sales force instead of the customer (or both).

If you have a sales team, MyDigiRep is capable of sending the order to designated sales staff so they can open the customer’s order form during a site visit or for phone orders. The sales person could complete the order form and submit it in the same way a customer could. Entering an order via the MyDigiRep order form is far quicker than manually entering inventory lines one at a time. The order form will also display the customer pricing. MyDigiRep can also allow the sales person to override the sale price of items if needed and authorised.