Sell More Work Less

How Much Does MyDigiRep Cost?

Free For You


  • MyDigiRep is free to download and trial. When the trial ends you can buy credits to continue using the system.
  • You can send out as many order forms to as many customers as you like. There is no limit. This is free!


Contribution From You



  • If a customer completes and submits an order back to you, the cost is one credit. One credit = one dollar, regardless of how many products the customer has selected to purchase from the order form. The cost will be only one dollar for that completed order.This is the commission payed to MyDigiRep.



Sounds Like The Perfect Sales Rep?

Remember MyDigiRep does not get paid unless you get an order inserted into your Quickbooks or MYOB program automatically, regardless of the number of products on the order. 

Costing Example

This example is a comparison between office staff data entry and MyDigiRep doing the work for you. For this costing example we won’t mention things like the cost of office space for your staff and the costs of computers and office supplies. Let’s just keep it simple.

Office Staff Data Entry

Think of the cost of having a staff member pick up a phone and call a hundred customers. You have the cost of the staff member making the call and the cost of the phone call.

Let’s say the staff member has five customers wanting to place an order from the hundred phone calls. Now you have the cost of the staff member writing up the orders and then entering them into your sales orders program. (and let’s hope they enter the orders correctly).

Do a rough calculation in your head to determine an approximate cost to achieve these steps.

What is this cost over a week? A month? A year?

MyDigiRep in Action

Now, let’s look at the cost if MyDigiRep was contacting the same hundred customers.

Cost to e-mail one hundred customers, no cost, and far quicker than your staff could contact a hundred customers.

Cost for the customer to fill in the order and send back. No cost.

Cost for MyDigiRep to receive the same five orders and enter them into your sales order system. Five orders = five credits = five dollars.

MyDigiRep is not costing you money, its saving you money.

If you are buying MyDigiRep credits, it’s because your company is selling more products, saving more money getting the orders and saving more time entering the orders into your accounting program.

The fact is, if you want to sell more products and reduce overheads you need MyDigiRep.