Sell More Work Less

Why Your Customers Prefer MyDigiRep

It would be fair to say that your customers are just as busy as you. If they can save time placing an order with your company they would appreciate it. Being interrupted by sales people asking for an order can be frustrating and inconvenient just as having to call your company and being placed on hold or forgetting to order an item or not knowing the cost of items can be time consuming.

Most business would rather place an order when it is convenient for them and they would also love to have a current listing of the products they order from you with an up to date price for each item. MyDigiRep delivers this outcome for your customers.

On the occasion that a customer does not need to send an order, it is a great (free) marketing initiative for them to receive your automated email with your order form anyway. It is also important to look at the products that your customers are NOT buying from you and adding these products to your order form. Human nature dictates that these customers may start ordering these products also as it is so easy for them to do this rather than place an order with your opposition who they are most likely ordering such products from.

You should not only be sending order forms to existing customers but also to customers that have not purchased from you in some time as the chances of them placing an order greatly increase due to the ease and speed of the ordering process.

This lost revenue stream could be reinvigorated with minimal effort on your part.