Sell More Work Less

Free Marketing To Your Customers

MyDigiRep allows you to send attachments with the email order forms it sends to your customers. These attachments can hold other valuable information about your company or products. These attachments can be automatically attached and sent with each order list to different customers on different days.

Added to this, MyDigiRep also allows you to insert videos or sliding sales messages once your customer views the order form. These videos or banners can be specific to each order form list that MyDigiRep sends out. And this service is also free.

These options are aimed at you looking more professional and offering your clients even more information about your business and products.

If a customer does not complete and send back an order there is no cost to you. This is free marketing and due to MyDigiRep’s auto scheduling feature, the customer will receive your information with their order form with no further effort on your part as often as you wish to send it.