Sell More Work Less

Better Than An Online Store


  • The customer only sees the products they are interested in (don’t have to search through a lot of irrelevant products).
  • The ordering process is far quicker and easier for your customers.
  • The order is sent to your customer e-mail account meaning they don’t have to log on to the internet and then find your store.
  • Even if the customer does not place an order on that day, they will remember you because they will see the email (good marketing).
  • MyDigiRep costs nothing to setup (web stores can cost thousands).
  • MyDigiRep will put the completed order into your Quickbooks or MYOB database for you as a sales order (no double handling to manually enter the order as a sales order).
  • Your customer will see their own buy price (not a standard retail price).
  • You control the frequency for sending order forms to your customers.