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Download the free trial of MyDigiRep. You can create your custom order forms from your Quickbooks or MYOB customer file and select inventory lines for each order list. You can schedule each order form to be sent automatically via an email at a selected day and time. If the customer fills in the order form, they can then press a button on the order form that will return the order back and enter this order into your Accounting Program automatically. All you need to do is dispatch the goods.

Once the free trial period ends, you will need to purchase credits to continue using MyDigiRep. You will also be eligible to receive free upgrades of this product. New versions of MyDigiRep with increased functionality will be made available frequently.

Once the free trial period ends you can purchase credits. These credits are to cover usage of the product and upgrades. When a customer sends back a completed order, MyDigiRep will consume one credit. If there is one inventory product on the order or fifty lines makes no difference to MyDigiRep, the completed and returned order will cost one credit as a commission to MyDigiRep. One credit equals $1.00.

Be sure to have enough credits available to cover the cost of all the return orders. If you do not have enough credits, MyDigiRep will send you an email informing you that you have orders in the system that cannot be processed and that you need to add more credits.

Remember one credit equals one completed order regardless of the number of inventory lines ordered. This means you can send out as many order forms as you like. You only consume a credit when a completed order is sent back.

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MyDigiRep will work for Desktop and Cloud versions of Quickbooks. It also works for MYOB Desktop. Regardless of the accounting program you use, MyDigiRep will run as an application on a computer so it must be installed onto a hard drive.