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Payment Gateway

MyDigiRep is the perfect solution for companies wanting to generate more sales faster. Usually, the order form is sent to your account customers in place of having to contact them directly. In some instances you may have “Cash only” customers that need to pay for your products before delivery. MyDigiRep can be integrated to a payment gateway so that your cash customers will be presented with the ability of entering credit card details to finalize the order. This payment gateway is certified and will perform the necessary bank transactions automatically to issue the payment directly to your bank account. This is a fast and easy process for your customer.

Once the payment has been confirmed, MyDigiRep will send the completed order and the payment acknowledgment back to Quickbooks or MYOB. This means that you have an order to dispatch and have received payment with no effort on your part.

We have partnered with a leading payment industry provider to bringing greater functionality to MyDigiRep. The transaction data is protected with state of the art cutting edge secure technology so you and your customers have peace of mind. All of the major credit cards are available.