Sell More Work Less

Reduce Your Company Risk

MyDigiRep will automatically send personalized order forms to you customers via email or they can add the order form to their favourites list and access the order form whenever they like. Once your customers have completed the order form MyDigiRep will automatically insert the completed orders into your Quickbooks or MYOB system as a sales order or an invoice (you have the choice).

MyDigiRep will help reduce your company risk by selling more products faster and easier while reducing the cost of sale and increasing your sales exposure to your customer base. You can reduce the cost of phone calls or site visits. You can reduce the cost of staff manually entering orders into Quickbooks or MYOB. You can reduce the cost of data entry errors because your customer creates the order for you. MyDigiRep reduces the need to contact customers for orders. This all happens automatically in the background while you concentrate on running your business.